Monthly Archives: June 2018

Using secrets (keyring) in ssh session.

I use a remote server as a primary development platform using ssh to login. One problem I ran into was not having access to a keyring. gnome-keyring-daemon is actually launched and associated with a dbus session but is not usable by default.

I finally found a simple method to setup my ssh session to be associated with that gnome and dbus session while also unlocking the keyring. I used a bash function unlock, but you could also embed this in a tmux startup config – I will probably do this eventually.

unlock () {
    eval $(echo "GETPIN" | pinentry --ttyname $TTY 2> /dev/null | awk '/^D /{print $2;}' | gnome-keyring-daemon --unlock --replace --components=ssh,secrets)

Setting MTU with netplan

It took me a bit to figure out how to set an interface MTU using the new netplan that ships with Ubuntu 18.04. Netplan works by taking a YAML file and generating systemd-networkd configuration scripts. I found another post that indicated the reason MTU settings wasn’t working had to do with the generated “Match” clause for the inteface name was against the original (pre-udev-renaming) name. The post indicated they switched to a macaddress match instead, this also worked for me:

  version: 2
  renderer: networkd
    # Configure MTU
        macaddress: 00:e0:8d:7e:1f:37
      mtu: "9000"


00:00 [13:24:19 hyperion:~]$ more /run/systemd/network/